Final Strategic Plan

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Final Strategic Plan
This strategic plan consists of a combination of strategic plan parts. The final plan includes the vision, mission, values, SWOTT analysis, balanced scorecard, and communication plan. There is also a PowerPoint presentation to support the completed strategic plan. Vision, Mission, and Values

To provide the lowest prices along with giving customers a retail shopping experience in convenient size stores for ease of shopping. Obtain financial growth with community involvement. Maintain high quality customer service and employee interaction. Mission

Improve the lives of individuals in the community along with reducing poverty. Provide job training for individuals through volunteer services. Neighborhood Zone mission statement quote, “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”. Values

Uphold respecting one another to include employees, customers, and partners. Assist the community in regaining integrity through embracing cross-cultural diversity. A portion of the funds obtained by Neighborhood Zone are used throughout the community. SWOTT Analysis

* Strategy - Strength
* Neighborhood Zone is a convenient size shopping market, no more than 10,000 square feet. The organization will operate as a 501 c3 not for profit organization. The location will be a highly visible area with mass amount of traffic. Neighborhood Zone will offer customers high quality customer service and cleanliness as a retail store with lower prices than Goodwill and Salvation Army. The organization will market discounts on the slowest days during the week. * Strategy – Weaknesses

* Customers prefer Goodwill and Salvation Army oversized stores to smaller or crowded shop. The organization pays high prices to obtain visibility. Customers may not trust the products as a result of the low prices. The discounts days may not be enough incentive to bring in customers. * Structure - Strengths

* Open Neighborhood Zone quickly and conveniently the organization will begin as a sole proprietorship nonprofit organization. * Structure – Weaknesses
* For the community to trust and support Neighborhood Zone it may be best to start as a nonprofit corporation or unincorporated nonprofit association. * Processes and Systems - Strengths

* Items to be sold will be purchased from real estate sales, storage auctions, garage sales, donations, and other thrift stores to build inventory. Managing of inventory to know what is available to market to customers. The organization will need display shelves, clothing racks, and hangers from retail stores, which are going out of business for items. A system of obtaining merchandise must be established to keep the store plentiful. An accounting system is necessary to keep track of payments, receipts, financial statements along with taxes. Types of payments must be determined for variety to the customer and success for the company. * Process and Systems – Weaknesses

* Multiple individuals with the know-how to locating deals will benefit the organization financially. If no inventory, organization, accounting system is in place the company will have chaos in the early stages. A store selling products must offer customers a variety to pay for merchandise. * Resources - Strengths

* The most important resource is human capital experienced and knowledgeable individuals of the business industry. The day-to-day team will obtain knowledge through training, research, development, and growth of Neighborhood Zone. A natural resource is valued if it is a renewable resource on account of it is naturally reproduced. Non-renewable resources cannot be replenished after human consumption. The tangible resources necessary are building to lease or purchase, cash registers, Internet, credit card machine along with other much needed resources for the business the function properly. The intangible resource is...
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