Final Stragetic Plan

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Final Strategic Plan
Jesse Moore
January 23, 2013
Mr. Oliver Allen

Executive Plan
My strategic plan for MICs is pretty simple. I believe with all businesses revenue is a big topic. I know that with all the money that I am putting in I want to see a return on investment. I have three goals and these are the strategies that I will use to reach those goals. My first goal is of course to make money. The strategy that I will use to make this goal is by making sure all aspects of my business are running smoothly. I want to make sure that all food operations are meeting the standards that were put in place. The food operations consist of food items being shipped in: bread, meat, cheeses, and also the local items that use. The customer service needs to be at the top of our game at all times. We will treat all customers like family and make sure that there visit to Moore Incredible Cheesesteaks is a memorable one and that they want to come back. We will make sure to greet every guest and let them know that we care. The atmosphere of the restaurant will also have a "homey" feel. This a major factor when it assist with your client base coming back. I would like to put in place a Point of Sales system that shows information like: demographics, how much people are buying, how many return customers we have, etc. This tactic will be able to help me keep an eye on money coming in and going out of the business.

Another goal that I want to complete is that of having a food truck to accompany the revenue that I am gaining from the restaurant. The strategy for this goal would be to use six months of the restaurants revenue along with six months of my saving to actually get the truck built. The truck will be used as another avenue to gain more customers. The goal with the truck is to reach more people. I figure that if we get a buzz with the actual restaurant we should be able to take off with the truck. The place of service would be Crystal City, Virginia. The reason why this location is prime is because this is a small Mecca for many government agencies and constructions workers. Being a employee of the United States Government can be trying at times when it comes to having a good meal. I may not be able to leave my desk, or forgot my lunch at home. If there was a truck that I knew had awesome food, affordable, and clean; I would be happy to forget my lunch. This truck will be able to bring in revenue that could be used for other ventures that will benefit Moore Incredible Cheesesteaks. The tactic that will be used to gain exposure will be using social networks. This will be a big part of this process due to the fact that no one will really know where the truck is located. I will have my Social Media Manager create fan pages on the following networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. All people that are friends of the Facebook, and Twitter will receive a email blast stating where the truck will be and the times. The way that the Foursquare will help is by having the customers of the truck "check-in". This will give the opportunity to see how many people are using the service, eating at the truck, and how many are spreading the word about the truck. This is also a great way to give out incentives to customers. I would like to impalement incentives such as this: "Are you a first timer? Then take a chance and have a three bucks off your meal." Another coupon that we will have is for those people that love to spread the word. "Bring a friend and take some off your cheesesteak." These deals will be able to open up doors and also the money that we "lose" in discounts will be made up in new customers. I think that this is an awesome concept that will help bring new and existing customers not only to the truck but also to restaurant.

Last for the current goals that I have would be to eventually have a small but efficient MICs in federal buildings in the area. I would love to have MICs in the Pentagon food court, the...
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