Final Review for It109

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  • Published : January 17, 2012
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Final Review for IT109

1.The file system included in Windows 7 that is specifically designed for use on flash drives is called FAT32.

2.When moving a file within an NTFS volume, a compressed file will:

3.The Encrypting File System (EFS) is the process of making information unreadable to protect it from unauthorized viewing or use.

4.When copying a file from one NTFS volume to another, what happens to the files’ permissions? The permissions do not follow the new copy to the new location.

5.A user with a Windows 7 workstation is unable to connect to any network resource. While troubleshooting, you are unable to ping the user’s IP address and you determine that the problem is localized to just this user. What is the best option to troubleshoot the problem? Launch Windows Network Diagnostics

6.Which protocol is used across the following platforms: Linux, Microsoft and Apple? TCP/IP

7.Which command-line utility enables you to view the address assigned to your network card? Ipconfig /all

8.An Incremental Backup is a type of job that backs up only the files that have changed since the last backup was performed.

9.The Traverse Folder/Execute File permission allows or denies security principles the ability to move through folders that they do not have permission to access so as to reach files or folders that they do have permission to access.

10.Peter is a member of two groups, IT Admins and Production. Mary, the network administrator, assigns rights to a folder called Procedures. For the IT Admins group, she assigns the Modify access. For the Production group, she adds the Read access. What rights will Peter ultimately get to the Procedures folder?

11.To accommodate older Web pages, IE 8 includes a feature called compatibility view, which enables the browser to display older pages.

12.A system restore point is a copy of various operating system configuration settings and registry information from a specific point in...
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