Final Report - Hardware Project

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Chapter 1

1.1 Introduction

In the modern societies people are like to make their lives easier. Because their work load is grow-up. According to that situation the society has mostly moved to automated systems. There for we also thought to make an AUTOMATED SUPERMARKET SYSTEM as a helping system for supermarkets. In this chapter it gives basic knowledge and background factors about the project. In this section we kept our attention on the topics such as background and motivation, aims and objectives and importance of the project. From this chapter it can get an over view of the project and will emphasize the reasonability of our project.

1.2 Background and motivation

As we mention earlier today people are very busy with their working. Therefore they don’t have time to do their day-to-day works. Such as buy goods from markets, shopping and consulting doctors. People try to save time from those activities. Not only that we can find so many issues of this system. Such as in the special season periods it has long queues in the super markets. Not only has that but also when the bill is calculated manually, it will case for many errors. That will be a big problem for both customer and the company. Because it waste the time of both sides. Also some cashiers don’t have proper knowledge about the systems, such as credit card systems. It has many issues not only in the customer side but also in the company side too. Those are, when the stocks of market is over and the owner don’t know about that. To know about that he must keep servants manually, to check whether the stocks are controlling correct or not. For that the owner should have many workers with him. Also there aren’t a better system to maintain customers complain and problems. It takes long time to solve those problems with the existing system. Not only that when there are long queues in the market the owner have to maintain it, otherwise people put blame on him. When it happen a problem in that premises both parties have to waste their time to solve those problems. Especially the owner has to solve the problems in fair manner by keeping his goodwill. Like that we can find a lot of problems and shortcomings with the existing system of super markets. By referring those problems we thought to make a system named AUTOMATED SUPERMARKET SYSTEM as a solution for these problems.

1.3 Aim and objectives

The aim of our project was develop an effective system by giving solutions the above problems and shortcomings. It’s AUTOMATED SUPERMARKET SYSTEM.

* Studying technologies according to our requirements.
* Testing the efficiency and cost effectiveness.
* Designing and implementing the system.
* Programming the system.
* Design the desktop applications.
* Develop the billing system.
* Develop the stock controlling system.
* Connecting the software part with hardware part.
* Evaluation the proposed solutions.

1.4 Our solution (Automated Supermarket System)

By considering the above problems we developed our project AUTOMATED SUPERMARKET SYSTEM as a solution for those shortcomings. We supply an easy work for customers from entering minute to get back minute from the super market through our system. After collecting the wanted goods the customer have to move the range, which covered by the radio signals. Then the RFID reads each and every tag within that range and calculate the bill. Then after customer can pay the bill by his credit card or mobile phone. When the bill is paid then it open the door for customer to get back from the super market.

RFID Reader
RFID Reader
Serial Data Communication Circuit
Serial Data Communication Circuit
Not only to the customer we had given solutions for the super market problems too. When customers buy goods it reduces the stock. To know about the reduced goods we develop a system from our project. When the customer buy...
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