Final Project Topic

Topics: Psychology, Dissociative identity disorder, The Final Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Final Project Topic
Sherri Eubank
PHI 105
April 20, 2011
University of Phoenix

Final Project Topic
With having to choose the topic for the final project was hard because all of the topics sounded wonderful but the one that was decided on is when one selects a particular professional life, does that also give one a certain set of moral obligations? The professional life and field that has been decided upon is Psychology because of many mental disorders that have been diagnosed within my daughter and that others seem to feel and think I would be good at with the way that they bring their problems to me to help find answers to them. Within the professional field of psychology there are many obligations that are required so that the psychologist can stay focused as well as safe. Some of the issues that can arise are that a patient is expressing that there may be some type of physical or sexual abuse, expressing feeling of wanting to harm oneself, and patient refusing the treatment that is being offered. There is also the medical board that plays a key factor as well. This is because of individuals who practice in psychology they must be licensed in the state that they are going to be practice in. There are also state and local guidelines and regulations that need to be followed and if not there are actions and consequences to those that are improperly followed. Some of the views that others may see can be different than the ways that others do because we all have our own views and beliefs as to how we see and understand experience different things within life. The few views that goes along with the field that was chosen is why did you decide on that medical field, what will one be gaining from working within that field, and what can this person offer to that field with or without experiences. With the encouragement of others to follow through with my dream of becoming a psychologist should take center stage over either the negative and positive responses....
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