Final Project Student Survival Guide

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Final Project Student Survival Guide
As an accounting major, I know that I must complete several courses that will better prepare me to meet the challengers of the field of study. In so doing, I will take major courses specific to accounting such as Financial Accounting, as well as support courses such as Skills for Learning in an Information Age which has help me to prepare to complete my program of studying using skills that are vital to college success. In developing an action plan for my future studies, my ability to use and find resources, ability to author my own work, knowledge of how to set attainable short term and long term goals, ability to budget my time, improve my reading comprehension and retention and my recognition of my individual learning style and personality strengths will grant me the opportunity to complete my course of study. More than anything, the application of all of these techniques have afforded me the opportunity to develop greater self-discipline and allowed me to become more efficient n my study habits. Overall this course has internalized the concept of what it takes to be a student. Using Axia College’s Educational Resources

Not only has GEN/105 helped me to understand more about distance learning, I have learned more about strategies to help me be successful in completing my program of study using Axia College’s Educational Resources I come to understand that in the future I need more written texts, versa audio resources. What truly will be useful to me are the things I learned such as how to use online database for research. For example, I can use EBSOhost to find articles on just about any subject. I know that I will be completing research projects as I complete my degree requirements. As a component of writing essays and research papers, I will download articles by using keyword searches and I will identify key information within articles. Furthermore, after completing my degree, as I work in the field of accounting I will...
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