Final Project Persuasive Research Paper

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Final Project: Persuasive Research Paper


Research Writing/COM 220
03 March 3, 2010
Damian Kodgis

Persuasive Research Paper

Throughout the years there has been several controversial wars involving the United States and other countries. Since the birth of the United States of America, Americans have been involved in a war. At first it was fighting for the nation’s freedom, and ever since then the United States of America has been preserving the nation’s freedoms that they fought for in the first battle with England. Though out the years other countries have needed the help of the United States of America to keep other countries from being overtaken from other dominate countries Armies.

Many Americans have forgotten about the heritage of their nation, and how lucky they are to have these freedoms unlike other countries where the government controls every aspect of their citizen’s lives. The citizens of the United States of America need to look back and remember what made The United States of America a free nation. War has also created physical and mental injuries to soldiers and civilians during a war time. War has created changed amongst countries whether it is hate, fear, uncertainty, and the ability to create new friendships and alliances among nations.

War is a part of the rich American history

Since the American Revolutionary War in 1775 against the British parliament, America has been defending the nation’s freedoms. War has become a part of the United States history and proud heritage. Since the Revolutionary War United States of America has been involved in thirteen different wars. The Revolutionary war, the First Barbary war, War of 1812, Mexican-American War, American Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, Afghanistan War, and Iraq War. Without these wars America would have been as successful as a nation without having these wars. Wars fought with other countries have made the United States known around the world for being dominate tactical and strategic military.

Throughout the years the types of war have changed for the United States and other countries. War was once fought a known hostel areas, and the war would not start without the commanders of the two armies gave the commanding word to attack the enemy. War was once fought with rules, dignity, pride and honor. There was once a time where the colonial army and the British army took a pause in the middle of battle to clear the deceased soldiers. American wars have gone from being in the farmer’s back yard to being in the middle of the ocean sinking submarines, to attacking the beaches of Normandy. American war has also gone as far as deploying nuclear warhead Japan to end a war before it became uncontrollable, after coming out of the war with Germany. Now the war is in the middle of the streets sometimes in the middle of town, guerrilla warfare is the new face of war. With the Al Qaida placing road side bombs, and airborne mortars to harm and kill American Soldiers as they help try to bring back the once well established |[pic] | |American history during the civil war, with Union soldiers fighting Northern| |soldiers, and boats attacking the shores as they pass. |

economy and give hope to the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan. The times have changed over the years for America, but one thing that remains the same is the heart and desire to accomplish the mission and be victorious at war to keep America free.

Freedoms are Worth Fighting For

Since the first war America has earned the right to be free from Great Britain. America was also a allowed to make America home of the free. These freedoms are what make America one of the greatest countries to be in. Anyone can grow up to anything they want to be in America. Many people come to America to live the American dream...
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