Final Project My Proposal for a New Health Care System

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  • Published : July 29, 2010
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My Proposal for a New Health Care System
John Gaze
June 27, 2010
University of Phoenix

The United States health care system is facing a major crisis because of the rising costs of health care and the high cost of health insurance, also the increase in co-pays and deductibles, which has limited the availability of coverage to many individuals and families. The cost of health care has risen dramatically throughout the years because of the technological advancements in treatment and preventative medicine that has played a major part in the rising costs. Many private insurance plans have specific limits to the physicians that are covered and the number of in-patient hospital days that are covered under the plan. This could cause major out-of-pocket expenses if the patients’ physician is not covered under the plan or they require more in-patient hospital days than is covered. Millions of individuals do not have insurance coverage due to the high costs of insurance premiums and this has an impact on their health. The plan that I have developed will hopefully solve many of the problems facing individuals in the United States. The Health care plan proposal that I have developed will provide access to medical treatment for all individuals despite of their age, income level, or preexisting condition. This plan will ensure all individuals at an affordable rate and the premium will be based on an individuals income level. The plan will also have a broader selection of physicians that are covered under the plan and increase the number of in-patient hospital days that are covered. The vision for my health care proposal is to have an affordable health care plan for all individuals with lower co-pays, affordable premiums, and lower deductibles. This plan will also allow smaller businesses to offer insurance to their employees at...
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