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Final Project in Beh Sci

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Final Project in Beh Sci

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Behavioral Science

Final Project

07/ 18/2010


My sister and I are the same when it comes to watching things. Watching how to do something is always better than having to perform it freestyle. The differences in her and I would probably have been to watch more times to get it. I have no concentration skills what so ever and she can learn things right off. I would probably have to read it over and over just to get it in my head. My sister is my rock; if I needed any help she will gladly help me with no irritation.

She would probably prefer to study in a nice quiet library as for me I love all the distractions because I really do not like to go outside my home. People just make me nervous even in the library, some are idiots, and mean, distrustful and I on the other would rather be at home I am safe there. She is a people person and I would like to live on an island where no one knows where I am except my family. We do agree on family and family matters she use to take care of us kids and she was married with one son and pregnant with another son she has always been a great friend, wife, mother, and Sister. I cannot say for her that I have a time of memory lapse, like I see and hear and know what to do I just forget I do not know how to explain. Personality test results

Diane’s personality type is ESTJ! (Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judgment) Extraverted (E) 54%| Introverted (I) 46%|
Sensing (S) 55%| Intuitive (N) 45%|
Thinking (T) 50%| Feeling (F) 50%|
Judging (J) 82%| Perceiving (P) 18%|
 Sheila’s personality type is ISFJ! (Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judgment) Introverted (I) 86%| Extraverted (E) 14%|
Sensing (S) 82%| Intuitive (N) 18%|
Feeling (F) 55%| Thinking (T) 45%|
Judging (J) 55%| Perceiving...

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