Final Project Creating a Social Program

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence against women, Women's shelter Pages: 6 (1985 words) Published: September 13, 2012
The name of the Social program that I have created is a shelter for teenage mothers and abused and battered women, it like a home away from home. The name of the shelter is called Women of Worth. At this shelter we want to make every woman feel and know that they are special and someone is interested in them and want to make sure they don’t stay in the condition that they are in but want them to know there is a way out for them and they can rise again and be the strong independent woman of worth that they are. We provide room and board and three hot meals per day for these women; we even send them to school to learn a skill that will eventually help them in the business world when they get their feet on the ground.

One of the main problems that I see since I have been in this field is there are not enough caring and sharing shelters like the one that I have in the community and even outside of the community. I have visited some of the shelters and it’s disgusting to see how the women are being treated and they stay there only because they cannot afford to do better so they are stucked.

The women of worth Shelter (WOW) provides free food shelter, and clothing to abused women. At this shelter, we also provide a free 24-hour crisis phone line and services to clients, community education, support groups, counseling, and a volunteer program. Domestic violence is not about color and that is how our shelter operates, we do not discriminate either. The women who live at our shelter are from across all demographics in terms of age, race, and educational background. We assist any woman who meets the criteria for emergency intervention and assistance, because no women deserves to live like that once they reach out to us for help we are willing to assist.

One of the main reason why I want to address this problem is because I believe no one should live in an abusive environment whether its male or female but since I have a passion for the best interest of women I decided I would concentrate on this growing issue. This is something we look at on the television, read on the newspaper or even come across it while reading our favorite love story on a paperback book. Some of our coworkers whom we work with everyday lives in abusive relationships and think this is a way of life for them because they grew up and see their mothers being abused by their fathers and they never left hence the reason women today live in relationships because they feel they have to stay for the sake of their kids. I want to be the one to make a difference in my community and let women know there is more to life that living under these conditions.

Some of the causes that women live in abusive relationships is that they got pregnant at an early age and in some cases did not even finish high school, now there are living with or married to someone who is the breadwinner of the home because they are now a stay at home mom, men tends to take advantage of women when they are in a vulnerable position and this is where the abuse starts and consequently the family start to break up some situations the mother ends up in a shelter with her children or her children goes to foster home and the husband goes off with his girlfriend.

This is sometimes caused by having lack of funds and too much pressure being put on the husband and then the stress kick in and the arguments starts then the husband does not want to go home because he is faced with a situation at home so he decides to share his story with his coworker who start tos how interest in him and sympathize with him and the next thing that happens is a new relationship starts there.

The values that are lost here is what once used to be a happy home is no longer a happy home and everything that took years to build and accomplish now goes down the drain and everyone gets separated that is a big loss especially for the young children growing up they get messed up at an early age and...
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