Final Project Comparative Religons

Topics: Torah, Bible, Judaism Pages: 2 (941 words) Published: April 24, 2013
When a person is born, they are usually subjected to one religion and most of the time they remain in that one religion their entire life, never experiencing another religion and only imagining what it is like. For my final project for my Comparative Religions class I was able to visit two houses of worship for two religions that were not my own and it really changed my whole view on religion as a whole. I experienced new forms of worship, ideas of the afterlife, and how much religion can really bring a whole community together. I chose to visit a Jewish synagogue and a Baptist church. I am a Catholic so both of these experiences were very different. I am very grateful I was able to be able to experience such a new outlook on religion as a whole. The first house of worship I visited was Congregation Etz Chaim in Lombard, Illinois. As soon as I got to the synagogue I could tell it was different in several ways. For starters, it was not as large and flashy as a Catholic church, meaning that it just looked like another building. I almost drove right past the place because it looked like most of the other buildings. When I got inside everyone was grouped in the lobby area all talking to each other. This is where I met my docent, Harve Bubalow. A docent is a knowledgeable person of the Jewish religion who guides visitors and shows them around the synagogue and shows them other things about the service and worship. The interior of the synagogue was a very relaxed and comfortable setting. There was a type of shop set up in the synagogue and there were several large meeting rooms. The main worship center was located in the middle of the synagogue. It had several rows of comfortable padded chairs and as I learned the rows are set up and have a certain tilt to them in order to put the Torah as the center of attention. The Torah has the first five books of the Hebrew Bible. As we got in and got settled I looked around the worship room and I noticed several things that...
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