Final Project: Analyzing Financial Statements

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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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My name is Adam Bender I was born in Canton, Ohio at 11: 59am at the age of four I was taken away from my mom and dad. From that point on I knew that life was going to be a maze filled with mirrors. For many years I was locked up behind bars. That’s the way I felt, that’s the way I was treated growing up through the system going to group home to group home until the age of 18. Once I turned 18, I went from being a state boy, to being an ode junkie locked up in state hospital facilities in straight jackets and shackles. Oh, I left out that I managed to graduate from Washington high school, and ran cross- country for three years. Shortly after high school I was involved in a serious bike cycle accident. I am a red asphalt survivor. My body hit the concert at forty-five miles per hour; if it wasn’t for my atheism that God gifted me with I would not be alive today. Shortly after the red asphalt I began to use alcohol, and drugs every heavily. In 1997 I moved from Canton, Ohio to Dayton, Ohio to attend Dayton Job Crops. Shortly After I arrived I started shutting up speed balls (heroin mixed with cocaine). Dayton Job Crops drop me for a drug test, shortly after I got kicked out. By the way did I mention that I graduated with a state certification to work in hotels and restaurants in the food industries? I went from shutting up, to smoking crack-cocaine, and from crack-cocaine to taking a bad hit of PCP that landed me in a 90- day drug coma. I woke up at Dayton State Hospital on Wayne Avenue in a wheel chair shackled to a wheel chair in dark room then I went back into the PCP coma stage. A day later I woke up in a freaked out stage trying to escape out of a fenced wired four-inched bullet proof window running around the ward in a lost, and confused defused, combustible, explosive terrified maniac stage of terrified fright. A couple days later came around in somewhat of a conscious stage not remembering much of anything not even my name. It toke a couple of weeks to...