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Topics: Autism, Autism spectrum, Asperger syndrome Pages: 4 (1133 words) Published: February 17, 2011
Kimberlyn Boddie
Final Project: Student Profile
Axia College

Years ago, children with autism such as Ryan were educated in segregated institutions or schools where there were limited interaction with children without disabilities. However, in today’s society, children with autism have more opportunities to learn and interact with children who do not have autism, and they benefit greatly from daily exposure to age-appropriate social models. The great thing about interaction of children with autism in the classroom is that children without disabilities also benefit from their experiences with students with ASD, developing a compassion for, and understanding and having an acceptance of children with special needs. Interacting of children with special need in a normal classroom setting can be a very enriching experience for all involved. Integration of a child with autism into the school community may help address the core deficits children with ASD have in social, behavioral problems and communication development. Ryan Pearson is a first grade student with a diagnosis of classic autism. Ryan had difficulty with his social skills such as having problems responding to people and avoiding eye contact. Ryan often, display problems interacting with other children in his class and will have frequent outbursts of disruptive behavior towards his peers. Although Ryan displays social problems and difficulty with speech, children autism tests with an average or above average on IQ test. Ryan’s speech is extremely limited, saying 7-10 word sentences and not of the average first grader. I have observed Ryan biting, kicking and breaking school materials in a fit of rage. There is definitely a narrow interest for learning and Ryan has an extremely difficult time sitting still during lesson plans. When touched (meaning a hug or a hold hands), Ryan become very irritated and began to yell. He’s also extremely sensitive to light and loud noises. Ryan’s mother...
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