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Topics: Medicine, Medical school, Physician Pages: 5 (1816 words) Published: May 16, 2013
The Road to Success
By Carla Jusma
Principles of Career and Life Planning 5782
University at Albany

The road to success has always been paved with many obstacles. When I first decided on what I would plan on being in the future, I was a little girl (about four years old). Many people in my family were a part of the medical field, mainly nurses. As I continued to get older, I received more practice and more knowledge about the medical field and I would go back and forth on whether I would become a nurse or a doctor, and I still face that conflict today. However, I am positive that I will stick to the medical field. I have discovered other career paths, and I can never see myself loving them as much as I love the medical field. The way medicine works amazed me and I always found it interesting to help people. When I started learning more about the medical field, I learned how difficult it would be to get where I needed to go. Each day, I try as hard as I can to get closer to my goal of becoming a doctor.

The road to becoming a doctor is an extremely long process. After high school, 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and 3 years of residency are required, which is approximately 11 years. One is usually tired of school after 8th grade; imagine having to do 11 years after high school. Despite all of this, I would still like to be a pediatrician. Because a good amount of my family has occupations in the medical field, they have continuously encouraged me to enter this field as well. Therefore, it is safe to say that they were a big influence in me making my overall decision. Even though they were a big influence, I do not have hopes of becoming a pediatrician just because of them. What I love most about my family dealing with my career choice is their support. Usually when I tell somebody that I would like to become a doctor, they laugh or tell me “Good luck”, while not really meaning it, or assuring me that I will change my major once I see how hard it is. Instead of letting these arrogant comments get to me, I usually use them as more motivation to get closer to my goal of becoming a doctor. I am fully aware of how hard it will become and I am aware of how long it will take, but with the proper dedication and the proper motivation, it is absolutely possible for me to reach my goal.

The MBTI and SII were an extreme help to my career development. Just in case my plan of becoming a doctor backfires, which is possible can happen; it is always safe to have a back up plan. Before receiving the results from my MBTI report, I honestly did not even have a backup plan, even though I knew that I should. The MBTI gave me a variety of careers based on my answers, and some careers seemed shocking but nonetheless it was still extremely helpful. In my report, the 3 most careers fit for me were Health Care Support, Personal Care and Service, and Office and Administrative Support, which seemed pretty legit to me. This definitely helped me because I was only focused on medical, but I never knew that I might actually be good at Office and Administrative Support. So since I have a little time before I can make an absolute final decision, I can explore that career and see how good I like it just incase my goal doesn’t work out the way I wish for it to. What I also appreciated about the MBTI were the suggested strategies about my personal challenges. By the answers I gave, the MBTI was able to identify the personal challenges I face and strategies that can help me improve. Sometimes, I am aware of my personal problems but it is difficult to find a solution. Therefore, it was a big plus that it was able to give legitimate enough solutions. The SII was similar to the MBTI except it was more geared towards suggestions for other occupations, which was also a huge help. Amongst my interest areas included mostly ones geared towards the medical career and children, which is exactly what I have plans on doing. Overall, I...
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