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Topics: Marriage, Law, Rights Pages: 8 (1683 words) Published: April 26, 2013
GSR 240.07
Fall 2012
Prof. Amy Stevens
Essay on Civil Rights and Social Responsibility
Due Dates:
Outline due: Thurs., Oct. 25
First Draft due: Tues., Nov. 6
Final Paper due: Tues., Dec. 4

30% critical thinking on ethics and social responsibility
25% content (historical and present-day)
25% grammar, syntax
20% sources, citations, evidence

5 to 7 pages in length
Cover Sheet (not in count of 5 to 7)
12 point font; double space
In-text citations (
References (
For acceptable research sources (see final page of these instructions)

Project description
Your paper will compare and contrast one African-American civil rights issue that happened during America’s civil rights struggle (1954 to 1965) and is still happening today (to any group of people). You will address the issue from ethical and social responsibility perspectives.


Paper outline
I. Intro
In 1954 to 1965, African Americans have been fighting for federal to pass interracial marriage. Nowadays, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender have been fighting for amending gay rights to the US Constitution to allow gay couples to get married.

II. Body

Civil Rights Issue from 1954 to 1965
Identify the civil right issue from 1954 to 1965 • People believed that God created the races and placed them on separate continents. Therefore, interracial married couples were arrested for violating the law. It happened from 1954 to 1965. In 1967, interracial marriage has been fully legal in all U.S. states since Supreme Court decision that they think anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional Ethical Principle

Explain which ethical principle was violated (select one of Dr. VanGilder’s four ethical principles) • Apply the definition of the ethical principle to your civil rights violation. This requires you to understand the principle thoroughly. Deontology principle is violated. US banned interracial marriage just because of their races. • For example, if the ethical violation is discrimination, tell me why it is not ethical to discriminate based on one of Dr. VanGilder’s ethical principles. Anti-miscegenation laws is very unethical and discrimination. It illegalized interracial people from getting married. • Focus on the ramifications of that discrimination (or ethical violation). For example: 1. How does discrimination hurt an individual? Does it hurt the person emotionally? How? What are the implications of that hurt? Do they suffer low self-esteem? Can that low self-esteem affect their performance in a job? In relationships? Do people with lower self-esteem earn less in their lives than someone with a healthy self-esteem? 2. How does widespread discrimination hurt our society at large? Does it rob it of human capital? Economic capital? For example, does rampant discrimination suppress the earning potential of a group of people who could otherwise stimulate an economy or job sector? Does the widespread discrimination of a group of people, translate into a segment of society who don’t have the same type of access to physical and/or emotional and/or mental healthcare? When people can’t access healthcare do they become sick at a rate that exceeds the rate of people who have easier access to healthcare? What is the price to the health care system when people become ill at a faster rate than their counterparts?

Social Responsibility
Explain which form of social responsibility solved the violation • Was there a legal solution?
Specifically note the legal case(s), the jurisdiction (state or federal decision) year of the case, and the decision...
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