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Topics: African American, Black people, White people Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Final Outline Dirty Dancing and Save the Last Dance
Thesis statement: Should people change to fit into a new environment? A person has to give a little of themselves in order to grow. We befriend different types of people for many reasons. Dirty dancing vs. Urban Hip-hop: Dirty dancing is sensual, suggestive dancing with a partner. To dirty dance is to dance with abandon, with your body loosened up and your whole being thrown into the rhythm. Baby is a teenage girl who crosses over into womanhood both physically and emotionally, through a relationship with a dance instructor during a family summer vacation. Save the Last Dance was used as a form of self –expression. It is based on Hip-Hop and Contemporary dance and some ballet thrown in from time to time. The ballet side tells stories of one’s opinion. Hip –Hop and Contemporary were used to illustrate sexually desires, or moods such as anger or fear. Sara is trying to escape dance throughout the movie then she stops running from it and embraces her talents. Sara gave up a promising ballet career when her mother was killed while rushing to attend her daughter's crucial audition to Juilliard; Sara blames herself for the accident, and at her new, mostly African American high school in Chicago, she's uncertain of her future. Sara is a dancer who lost her will to dance. Derek unlocks her mind to a new world, a new style of hip hop. It easy her mind off her troubles. Sara is from the suburbs and meets Derek from the south side of Chicago Sara is from the country suburbs and meets Derek from the south side of Chicago. Hospital in the south side of Chicago is packed and over crowed. There are not enough nurses to doctor ratio. Health insurance is needed. Derek and Chenille are working to beat the odds. Chenille is a young mother who’s dealing with a scared young man who is her son’s father. Derek wants a new life outside of Chicago. He is well educated and wants to become a doctor in the near future....
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