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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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Guchao Xiong
EAD 2 01:356:156 Sec: 03
Dr. Heba Elkhateeb
Paper4 Dec 2nd, 2012

Overcome prejudice and discrimination There are variety races and colors of people living in this world, and different ethnics and economic situations cause the distance among races. Though there are many people who have overcome the prejudice from history, prejudice and discrimination still exist today. Vincent N. Parrillo wrote an essay, “Causes of Prejudice”, provided the origin and many causes of prejudice and looked at prejudice from a psychological and sociological stand points. And Malcolm X tells the process of his independent learning of critical and creative thinking about racial problems in his essay, “Learning to Read”. Another essay authored by Studs Terkel, “C.P. Ellis”, provided Ellis’ story that offers a credible way of how he removed his prejudice. Both Malcolm X and C.P. Ellis are examples of what have been written in “Causes of Prejudice”, and the causes of prejudice can perfectly explain the behaviors of Malcolm X and C.P. Ellis. So, racial prejudice can be categorized into two factors: psychological factors such as beliefs, emotions, personality, and unsatisfied expectations, and social factors such as socialization process and social norms. People should learn to understand the underlying reasons of causing prejudice, open their eyes and minds to the reality, go out of socialization process and their social norms, and finally to overcome the prejudice and discrimination. Negative perceptions and attitudes cause a gap between dominant and minority groups. This is the reason why people should overcome racial prejudice and discrimination. As everyone knows, prejudice still exists in this modern world, and many people are suffering prejudice from other groups every day in their lives. As it said by Parrillo’s essay, “Prejudice attitudes may be either positive or negative, but only negative attitudes can...
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