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Topics: Opera, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Lorenzo Da Ponte Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: February 21, 2013
The only opera I knew was, "Queen of Night" aria from Magic Flute. At that time, my idea of opera was just singing without any storyline that is set to the orchestra; orchestra is the major part and opera holds the minor part. So my first opera class was a confusing experience because I was unable to detect a storyline to the opera, and had difficulty understanding why they did not act out their words instead of singing them, which, of course, defeats the whole purpose of the opera. Now I understand why. Through their singing, we had a better understanding of the scenes. The depth of their voice depicted each mood of the opera in different scenes, and also each tone revealed their characteristics.

Recently, I watched the movie Amadeus, which is the story of Mozart and the composer, Antonio Salieri, who displayed his opinions to Mozart. The last time I watched the movie was when I was in grade 6. After growing up and watching several operas in the class, I started to see the movie in a new light. Back then, I had hard time interpreting some of the parts of the opera. Without knowing the basic idea of the opera, I was unable to consume the theme of the opera, especially the part where Emperor Joseph II called Mozart, and prohibited the story of The Marriage of Figaro, was hard to understand. What is wrong with the story? After watching the opera in the class and viewing the movie again, I had a better understanding of why Emperor Joseph II disagreed with Mozart. It was because of its satire of the aristocracy, considered dangerous in the decade before the French Revolution. My boyfriend, who was watching beside me, kept asking me about the emperor and what the opera is about, etc. I was glad to know of the opera, and it was pleasant to see something that I now have knowledge of. By watching this opera again, I realized how much different perspective it is watching with knowledge and without knowledge.
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