Final Film Critique Paper: Hangover Part Iii

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  • Published: July 5, 2013
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Final Film Critique Paper: Hangover Part III
Barbara Kordell
English 225: Introduction to Film
Instructor: Michael O'Donnell
May 27, 2013

Final Film Critique: Hangover Part III
I have chosen the Hangover 3, directed by Todd Phillips, to critique; it seems to be a very humorous movie from just watching this one clip. This movie is in the genre of comedy, it is being called the epic final of the “Wolf Pack”. Since the Hangover III does not get released until May 23, 2013 I will base my paper on the movie clip, I my critique I will attempt to explain the uses of sound cinematography used in the clip that I have viewed, and how well the actors play there parts in the clip. The scene for the clip titled Hangover Part III Trailer #2 begins with a scene of is of Alan (Zach Galifianakis) is speaking at his father’s funeral, and not being very nice to his mother about his father dying first, than onto a scene of Alan filling in the plot of his fathers at the cemetery while Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and Doug (Justin Bartha) are shown walking away discussing Alan being of his meds for the past six months. In these scenes, which are outdoor scenes, it has a light background music playing but do not know if that is just the clip or in the movie itself. The camera scenes flash back and forth from the three discussing Alan back to Alan, some are fade outs to another scene others are Discontinuity editing, making no effort to hide the scene changes. This could just be because it is a movie clip and not what the actual movie will look like. From the knowledge I have gained I believe this scene in done with what the intent to keep people laughing and anticipating the rest of the movie. The next scene shows his friends and family trying to get him into rehab, while on the way to the rehab they are forced off the road and Doug (Justin Bartha) is taken hostage by as insurance by Marshall

(John Goodman) so that the “Wolf Pack” will help him get money that was stolen from him. It is meant to be a semi-serious scene but in a clip like this, I do not think there is much seriousness expected from this film. This scene is shot with both close ups and long shots to give a better idea of where and what is happening. The Hangover Part III genre is comedy and most reviews I have read for the most part agree with the genre except this comment by Jonathan Kim “Hangover 3 should really just be called Alan and Chow, since virtually all of the humor in this alleged comedy is supposed to come from the antics of these two characters” (Kim, 2013). There are a few mixed reviews that seem that the reviewer thinks this is an overplayed movie with the release of the third Hangover movie. From the reviews that I have read this is a film I wish to see, but not before I see its two predecessors. The rest of the clip The Hangover Part III is a scene of the Wolf Pack attempting to do what Marshal wants and retrieve his money. On the journey to save their friend Doug, the rest of the Wolf Pack encounter many crazy problems that it would appear that Alan has caused. As I have stated earlier, this paper is based on a movie clip only with no idea what the final whole film will elaborate more on. The sounds in this clip whether it be back ground noise of the forced crash or the sounds of the crowds was done in a way that you really do not notice them unless you are listening for them. I think most movie goers do not even realize the background sounds are in the movie unless they would cut them out, which would make it less stimulating to all of our senses. Below I have included a short list of cast that where in the movie also the director and writers along with the cinematographer. I only included the main cast that where in the film clip that I

viewed. There are many more in the cast and crew that made this film that I have not included, as that would take up the whole paper. Main Cast:
Bradley Cooper as...
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