Final Film Assignment

Topics: Memento, Reverse chronology, Film noir Pages: 4 (1248 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Final Film Critique Paper
Debra Herrick
English 225: Introduction to Film
Allison Sansbury
March 10, 2013

Areas that must be covered:
1. Storytelling
a. Non-linear
b. Reverse order
2. Acting
a. Guy Pearce played Leonard who had short-term memory loss b. Carrie Anne Moss played Natalie who was sinister
3. Cinematography
a. Black and white flashbacks
b. Color and black and white sequencing
c. Shadowing and low-key lighting
d. Cinematographer was Wally Pfister
4. Editing
a. Editor was Dody Dorn
b. Cut backwards
5. Sound
a. Music was kept low in background
b. Typical sound effects like tires squeeling, gunfire, etc. c. Voiceover was used
6. Style and Directing
a. Starts at end and works its way to the beginning
b. Black and white crosscut segments
7. Genre
a. Neo noir
b. Crime thriller
c. Mystery
d. Psychological thriller
8. Application of at least one approach to analysis and interpretation a. Auteurist approach
9. Overall textual themes
a. Overall feel of film
b. Did it meet what the director was trying to achieve

The film that I chose to write about is Memento (2000) written and directed by Christopher Nolan. (IMDB). Memento is one of those rare intellectual powerhouse movies that make you think hard or at least try to figure out what really happened. In this film we watch as a man suffering from short-term memory loss uses notes and tattoos to hunt for the man he thinks killed his wife. The type of storytelling used in Memento can be very easily categorized as a non-linear narrative. A nonlinear narrative is a disjointed narrative or disrupted narrative. It is a narrative technique where events are portrayed out of chronological order. It is often used to mimic the structure and recall of human memory, as it is in this film. The events are shown in both color and black and white. The colored...
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