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  • Published: February 11, 2013
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A YorkCard or acceptable photo identification is required as your identification for this examination. If you do not have identification documents, you will be required to personally bring these to your instructor prior to your grades for this examination being released, or prior to your examination being returned to you.

Instructions: NO AIDS. This is a closed book examination. You may use a silent mathematics calculator with no text functions. Please place all other materials (cell phones, PDAs, bags or cases) on the floor, out of reach. You are required to both sign in and sign out with your Photo ID and student card (or YorkCard) for this examination.

Please write all of your case answers IN INK in the lined spaces in this paper. DO NOT USE WHITE-OUT. Answers written in pencil or containing white-out will NOT be accepted for re-appraisal.

This examination is worth 40% of your grade.
Your paper will be handed out in three sections. Part A is comprised of questions 1 and 2. Part B is comprised of question 3 and will be distributed 60 minutes from the start of the exam. Part C which comprises question 4 will be distributed 120 minutes after the start of the exam.

For Instructor Use Only Grade Achieved | Question Number| Marks| Minutes| Section | / | 1| 12| 30| A55 minutes|
/| 2| 9| 25| |
/ | 3| 28| 70| B|
/| 4| 21| 55| C|
/ 70| Total| 70| 180| |

Instructions that pertain to a potential examination disruption: Please immediately identify your exam and the pages are in an organized fashion:

1. Write your name and student number at the top of each part of the examination as you receive it. 2. Be sure to also immediately fill in your answers (after writing in your name and identifiers) for each answer that you have completed. In the event of a disruption (fire alarm or other disruption) where we are...
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