Final Essay from English Class

Topics: Social media, English-language films, Convenience Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Professor LevyStephen Judson
Final Essay Assignment

Some modern conveniences are becoming a big problem in todays’ society. These once marvel time savers, has now become a problem. Now while I’m sure some people will not see it as a problem, but why would they? They will not notice the problem because it is conveniences them. But these conveniences are now being now becoming an inconvenience. One convenience that is becoming a problem is Television and cable. Now while I enjoy the things I watch on TV and it beats going out to the theater everyday like in the 1800s, television does interfere in more important things. Personally speaking, I could have an essay to write and I would push it off for later because I wanted to watch a show, then I would end up not even watching the show I put off my work on just to channel surf until I went to sleep. Then I wake up in the morning with no essay, having to leave in an hour, and not being able to do anything about it. I never let happen again, and I make sure I dial down what I watch during the school year. Computers are another inconvenience, because it can easily get you side track. You have to have great discipline when working on a project on the computer. One interesting article about a subject unrelated to what you are not researching, can lead to a downward spiral of more unrelated searches. Also Facebook, and other social media sites can really be addicting, and eat up your time. I really don’t understand why, my Facebook hasn’t been updated since my Birthday, but people get really into whatever is on these social media sites and can’t get off them for hours on end. It is a real problem in todays’ society. Pre-cook food and restaurants is another modern day convenience that has become an inconvenience. Countless people lack the ability to cook anything, and why should they when they can have someone else do it, even if it is for a fee. Or maybe they have that processed frozen food in their refrigerator that...
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