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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Power of Music in Healthcare Field

‘Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.’ These were the words of Sergei Rachmanioff who understood the significant power that music has. For some people, music is the centre of their lives. Everybody knows what music is and they all have heard a type of it. However, most people underestimate the value and power music has in our lives. Whether they know it or not music affects the mood of people and influences their behaviour. As a result of these, music has influence on peoples’ health. From past to present, music is used for peoples’ health by improving and changing way and it keeps doing it as Sergei Rachmaninoff mentioned before. So, music is clearly important for the healthcare field owing to its beneficial influences. Music is integrated into the healthcare field at different level. First of all, music is used as a therapy. According to a web site music therapy is the clinical and evidence based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized aims with a therapeutic relationship by a professional person who has completed a music therapy program. The idea of the using music as a therapy is as old as the writings of Aristotle and Plato. Using music therapy provides lots of opportunities and it has remarkable outcomes. It enables to explore personal feelings such as self-esteem or personal insight, to make positive changes in mood and emotional states and to improve concentration. For example, after World War I and World War II when all types of musicians, both amateur and professional, went to soldier’ hospitals to play for the thousands of soldiers suffering both physical and emotional trauma from the wars. After patients’ positive responses, doctors hired musicians for the therapy (Alternative Medicine Therapies: Music Therapy). Moreover, music therapy also helps people to protect from some disease or to reduce effects of them. In the recent time, using music...
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