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Punjab University College of Information Technology

Final Documentation Format Guidelines

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Title Of Final Project


Team ID- 00

Session: BSc. Spring 2001

Project Advisor:Name of Project Adviser

Submitted By

|Name of Student |ID of Student | |Name of Student |ID of Student | | | | | | |

Punjab University College of Information Technology

University of the Punjab, Lahore.


This is to certify that Name of Student Roll No. Roll no of Student and Name of Student Roll No. Roll no of Student have successfully completed the final project named as: Title of the Final Project, at the Punjab University College of Information Technology, University of The Punjab, Lahore, to fulfill the partial requirement of the degree of Masters in Computer Science.

Project Office Supervisor
PUCIT, Lahore

_____________________________ ________________________ Project Primary AdvisorProject Examiner
Designation Designation

Proofreading Certificate

It is to certify that I have read the document meticulously and circumspectly. I am convinced that the resultant project does not contain any spelling, punctuation or grammatical mistakes as such. All in all I find this document well organized and I am in no doubt that its objectives have been successfully met.


Mr. XYZ,
Business Communication and Technical Writing,
Lecturer, PUCIT


We truly acknowledge the cooperation and help make by Name of Acknowledger, Designation of Address of Organization. He has been a constant source of guidance throughout the course of this project. We would also like to thank Acknowledger from Designation, Address of Organization for his help and guidance throughout this project. We are also thankful to our friends and families whose silent support led us to complete our project.

1- Mr. Furqan
2- Mr. Akram

March 11, 2004


Due to ever increasing demand of transporting huge amount of information generated from various sources such as voice, data, video, etc., modern telecommunication networks have been transformed into all digital and broadband. Depending on the characteristics of information sources and the availability of facility, the mode of transportation can be either constant bit rate (CBR) using circuit switched networks or variable bit rate (VBR) using packet switched networks. For efficient utilization of the network, all kinds of information can be transported using BISDN (Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network) and ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) technology. One important research area in Network Technology is the design of high-speed digital network with good performance. The issues need to be investigated include modeling of Variable Bit Rate video traffic, efficient assignment of different traffic classes with diverse quality of services, optimal bandwidth allocation, routing and call admission control etc. This project not only relates to study of Digital Subscriber Line, which is a Broadband technology to provide high-speed data, voice and video but also addresses the above-mentioned issues. What are the provisions made in DSL implement QoS quality of service.

Table of Contents

List Of Figuresi

List of Tablesii

Table of Contentsiii

1-Project Title1

2-Project Overview Statement2

3-High Level System Components5

3.1 Component no.17

3.2 Component no.28

3.3 Component no.39

3.4 Component no.410

4-List of optional functional units12

5-Application Architecture13

6-Gantt chart18

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