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Topics: Education, Teacher, Learning Pages: 3 (1069 words) Published: June 26, 2012
Prior to starting the Trinity TEFL course, I had little teaching experience in a classroom environment and only in my own language. I had little knowledge of the teaching techniques and methodology used to teach a foreign language and having to put theory into practice almost from day one seemed quite daunting.

From one lesson to another I learnt different type of technique used in the classroom: using flashcards, elicit vocabulary, concept checking throughout, encouraging pair work and group work, drilling and error corrections using finger techniques, peer correction and delayed error correction. The board work had to be clear and well planned. The staging of the lesson should be good to allow smooth transition from one task to another and the pace is snappy. Make sure that whole class engaged from the start and every student participated equally. I really enjoyed observing the lessons and felt it had given me an insight on how a good lesson should be prepared and staged using ELT techniques and methodology.

From my personal experienced during the course I understood how important to grade your language, give clear instructions with ICQs – make student understand you and enjoy their lesson. Importance of monitoring, whole class feedback and error correction. I learnt to monitor students discreetly during their practice and production tasks and not interfere in their communications with each other. I learnt different techniques to correct students’ errors and keep the atmosphere in the class relaxed and engaging. It was very student centred and the class were engaged in conversation throughout. The aim of the most of the lessons was effectively achieved.

Having taught an elementary group for the past two weeks, I noticed a contrast of language knowledge and abilities within the class. The course book for this level is good from the trainee teacher’s perspective as it is graded, and the teacher’s book has a lot of information and ideas....
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