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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Management 402EMBA Final Exam

Please provide thorough answers, relating to each question and the topics and concepts covered in class.

Case I: The Overhead Reduction Task Force

1. What strategy should Larry Williams, the task force leader, take to organize the task force, build the team and accomplish its goals within the 2-week period?

2. What division of labor is appropriate?

3. What problems should be anticipated regarding communications, interpersonal relationships and individual differences between taskforce members?

4. What types of conflict and negotiation can you envision each individual having? The task force as a whole?

5. Comment on perceptions and attributions that might be made in this case

6. If you were Williams, how would you run the first meeting and what would be your agenda?

Case II: Three in the Middle

1. Who is in the “middle” of the change process and how are they feeling at this point? - What are the commonalities and differences among them?

2. How would you describe the organizational culture of Microswitch?

3. What is the “mid-term” report card on Microswitch’s change program? - What has changed
- Is their progress adequate
- Has anything gone wrong
- Do you have any recommendations for Rowe, Massof and Stewart? - Where are they in the process of the change? What change management principles can you relate to this case?

4. How would you characterize the leadership of Alvarez and what recommendations do you have for him? 5. How would you apply the concepts of motivation and engagement to assist with the Microswitch change process?
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