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Topics: Concrete, Construction, Rebar Pages: 8 (3390 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Our course is entitled CE Practicum 1, also known as On-the-job training in which we are required to complete 80 hours of training on the project site and attend for at least 15 times in one term. And no single visit on the site to exceed for 6 hours. Our first goal is to find on-going project sites that must be at least 10 storeys high and in the superstructure stage of construction. The project should also still be on-going for at least the next six months since we will undergo another 80 hours of practicum at the same site under CE Practicum 2. The purpose of this course is to be able to learn and experience engineering job on the actual construction site. The week after our adviser orient us with the OJT, we immediately started to scout project sites near the school. We divided our group and find sites/companies from different place here in Manila that would allow us to have an ojt from their projects. We found several companies like Makati Development Corporation (MDC), Millenium Erectors Corporation (MEC), EEI, DMCI Homes and Megawide Construction Corporation (MCC). From these companies we come up with the decision to have an ojt in MCC since the other companies, their project are too far from the school and that would really cost us and some companies, the process of their application are long and that would waste our time, but in MCC they immediately accept us and we choose our own schedule of having an ojt. Just one disadvantage is that they do not give salaries to job trainees. The company places our group to the project namely “The Linear Makati”. A brief description of the project is that it is a master-planned residential and commercial hub; it has two towers each in L-shaped form, each 24-storey high, comprise this dynamic community that perfectly caters to the needs of this generation’s young urban professionals. It was developed by Filinvest, one of the country’s leading property developers today. At the start of our OJT, the supervisors orient us about the project and discussed to us that safety should be our first priority on site as well as advises, rules and regulations of the site. We are required to wear safety kits such as hard hats, safety shoes, highly visibility jackets and gloves. After they orient us, they toured us to the site to just observe and familiarize the place. On the proceeding days, we have experience different tasks mostly done on the site. For me, I experienced riding on the hoists, it was not the usual hoist that would pull you up manually, but it was mechanical and operated similar to an elevator. Another is that, I was assigned for inspecting if there are defects of the building especially on the structural side; some defects most likely are honeycombs and cracking. For the latest ojt I had done, I was assigned to do progress picture reports, this task was just simple, I took picture on the active floor on site, it maybe structural, architectural or even mechanical/electrical. After taking those pictures, I did a power point presentation simply putting those pictures with a caption on it. Most of the job that I did in this project was punch listing, in which you have to take pictures of defects from the site most likely on the soffit of each floor. Most defects that I saw on the soffit were mostly honeycombs, cracking or even exposed rebars. Our supervisor gave us plans for each floor to indicate there the pictures we have taken in order for them to use this on their job reports. Another thing is that we have also experienced observing the pouring of concrete even in the middle of the night since they only proceed concrete pouring mostly in the evening to midnight. We have already been assigned to different site engineers and supervisors, some of them we also have been close with. We have been assigned to different fields such as operations, quality control/quality assurance, architectural, warehouse, precast, rebar, formworks, autocad, line and grade, MEPF or even office works....
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