Final Art History Paper

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Final Art History Paper

By | September 2010
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Autumn Rhythm Number 30 and The Last Supper
Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most recognized artists of all time. Arguable his most famous painting is The Last Supper which he painted from 1495 to 1498. One of Jackson Pollock’s most famous paintings is his Autumn Rhythm Number 30 created in 1950. Though both of these paintings are both famous, they are very different.

A major difference in the paintings is the content. The Last Supper is a representational fresco painting showing the apostles surrounding Jesus as he breaks the bread the night he was arrested. Jesus is sitting in the middle of a long rectangular table with the twelve apostles on either side of him. Da Vinci used linear perspective to draw attention to Jesus. All lines in the painting lead to the center of the painting – Jesus. The windows behind his head also make him stand out compared to the other people in the painting.

Autumn Rhythm Number 30 is a highly abstract action painting. It was created by “dripping, hurling, and splattering” paint onto a canvas (Janson 1040). When looking at the painting, there is no focal point. Swirling lines splash across the canvas making it impossible for your eyes to center on any one point in the painting. The Last Supper has a clear focal point for your eyes to land on. The Last Supper took an extreme amount of planning while Autumn Rhythm was spur of the moment. The Last Supper

Self-Portrait and The Two Fridas
In Frida Kahol’s The Two Fridas, created in 1939, she paints herself as two different people. One of them is a European, while the other is a Mexican. They represent her heritage (Janson 1028). The two fridas are holding hands as they sit on a bench. They are connected by a blood vessel that runs from the Mexican Fridas’ hand, around her arm, through her exposed heart into the European Fridas’ heart and down her arm.

Rembrandt van Rijn also created a self-portrait in 1658. His Self-Portrait shows him in a later stage of his life. It is...

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