Fin 370 Hp Ethics and Compliance

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HP Ethics and Compliance
Team C
FIN 370
November 19, 2012
Professor John Buchanan
HP Ethics and Compliance
Team C held a joint conference for the purpose of analyzing ethics and compliance issues in Hewlett Packard’s (hereafter as “HP”) financial environment. At the outset, HP’s 2011 revenue closed out at 127 billion although HP maintained acceptable financial responsibility levels. This paper presents an assessment of ethics and compliance procedures in relation to HP’s financial environment, it considers the procedures HP has in place to maintain ethical standards, the processes used to maintain SEC compliance, and evaluates HP’s financial performance for the past two years. Team C finds that HP has sufficient safeguards in place to maintain legal, ethical, social, and financial responsibilities. Assessment of Organization’s Ethics and Compliance

HP is recognized as a leader in technologies. In recent events, the Ethisphere Institute named HP as one of the 2009 World’s Most Ethical Companies (HP Global Citizenship: Ethics and compliance, n.d.). However, HP did not obtain ethical awards without some internal changes brought about by ethical hiccups. As noted in Markkula Center (2007), HP paid 14.5 million dollars as part of a California lawsuit settlement in connection with unethical corporate conduct. Part of the settlement spurred HP to revise the ethics and compliance departments, improve reporting and collaboration efforts, and to provide neutral case management staff (p. 7).

HP shares represent the highest level of guidance on corporate goals, specific additional rules and policies are followed and applied within HP, including relevant business policies that can be found on their website where you indicate ethical standards and compliance. There are also other guidance for success in different scenarios. HP is committed to doing things right, any violation of its policies or established rules may result in disciplinary action, including workers may lose their jobs. “Our Standards of Business Conduct (SBC) sets non-negotiable expectations for all our decisions and actions and provides guidance in difficult situations, such as avoiding conflicts of interest and rejecting bribery and corruption. The SBC is available in more than 20 languages and is supplemented by additional codes for HP employees working with the U.S. Public Sector, contingent workers, suppliers, and partners” (HP, 2011). Procedures to Maintain Ethical Standards

HP has several compliant procedures designed to uphold ethical standards. Building trust is a procedure designed to uphold ethical standards. Building trust consists of making ethical decisions, taking action when HP is aware of misconduct and preventing acts of retaliation while further cooperation with investigations. Maintaining an atmosphere designed to promote ethical conduct is an essential component toward building employee morale and integrity. Ethics in business also promotes strong leadership while instilling individual confidence. Healthy corporate culture flows from the values and ethics a corporation promotes.

HP maintains an atmosphere that is conducive to promoting general respect for employees and peers. Respect consists of honoring human rights, treating others fairly, maintaining a safe and secure work environment, promoting and providing a harassment-free environment, and safeguarding privacy while protecting personal information. Uncompromising integrity consists of using HP assets wisely, maintaining accurate business records, avoiding conflicts of interest; providing and accepting gifts, and entertainment only when it is appropriate. Passion for customers --HP provides quality products and services, HP markets responsibly, vigorously, and fairly, and HP obtains business intelligence appropriately. Processes Used for SEC Compliance

HP’s Securities Exchange Act requires that all transactions, including any security records remain in non-writable and...
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