Filter Bubble

Topics: Rhetoric, Eli Pariser, Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Vanessa Riveron
ENC 1102
Professor Warman

Rhetorical Essay Draft
In the Ted Talk “The Filter Bubble”, the speaker Eli Pariser talks about the negative effects of personalizing the web and how it destroys the sense of unity that the web was based on. “Your filter bubble is your own personal, unique universe of information that you live in online. What’s in your filter bubble depends on who you are, and it depends on what you do. But you don’t decide what gets in — and more importantly, you don’t see what gets edited out.” The central message in this talk is to warn viewers of the filter bubble that the internet is trapping them in. In his talk I feel that he didn’t use all 3 of the appeals equally. His pathos was by far the strongest and he expressed it through his tone of voice and emphasis on being connected with everyone. His background made him somewhat credible for Ethos but he lacked in Logos and didn’t state his sources clearly as he would just refer to “some people in google” or “my friend”. Pariser’s approach could have worked better if he would have just provided more facts rather than focus on pure emotion. The purpose of this informative video speech is to inform and make the crowd and online viewers aware of the filter bubble. Throughout the talk he would make unreliable references such as “ I asked a bunch of friends to Google "Egypt" and “ was discovered by some researchers at Netflix.” It would have been more helpful if Pariser would have given names of these employees so that the audience has a more reliable source to fall back on. Although he lacked in providing names his background was what made him credible. In 2004, Pariser became executive director of MoveOn. Under his leadership, Political Action has grown to 5 million members and raised over $120 million from millions of small donors to support advocacy campaigns and political candidates. Pariser focused MoveOn on online-to-offline organizing, developing...
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