Filmmaking Techniques and Storytelling Strategies

Topics: Music, Film, The Documentary Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: June 21, 2011
Filmmaking techniques and storytelling strategies are used to convey meaning in all documentaries. Editing, sounds and music, framing and camera positions are some of the techniques and strategies directors use to convey meaning in documentaries.

A documentary is not just ‘randomly’ edited, it is edited for a certain reason, whether it is to show emphasis, give the audience a better understanding, to make the audience feel like they’re really there while it is happening and etc. Montage which is a series of shots to convey passing time, juxtaposition, when images or words are placed close together to show and emphasise the similarities and differences between them, and archival footage which is material obtained from a film library and inserted into a documentary are some of the editing techniques that are always used in documentaries. In ‘Aboriginal Rules’ archival footage is used when showing the past premiership games 2002-2005 in which the Yuendumn Magpies(the main football team) have won consecutively, this is to give us background information about the Magpies to establish the current issue afflicting the team.

Sounds and music are always used in documentaries, from instrumental songs to a narrator’s voice. Sounds in documentaries can be diegetic or non-diegetic. A diegetic sound is a natural sound in the world that is filmed, a non-diegetic sound is a sound effect- music added to a documentary while editing. Sounds are added into documentaries to make them more dramatic, engage imagination and to emphasise something that is happening on screen. In ‘The Endurance’ at the beginning of the documentary the sound of penguins screeching and ice dropping into the water, which are diegetic sounds, are used to show the audience the environment where this documentary is taking place. Music in documentaries is used to manipulate emotions, create an atmosphere and suggests more about what is happening on the screen. In ‘Mandela-The Living Legend’ jazz music is...
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