Film's Knowledgeable Gain

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Film’s Knowledgeable Gain

Millions of people watch movies on a daily bases, oblivious to that fact that they are learning something worthwhile. Whether the genre is Sci-Fi, Action & Adventure, Romance, or even a Period film, there is always something that can be taken from it. Watching movies is a great way to gain knowledge on any given subject.

You can learn a lot just by looking at how far film has progressed since the time it was just invented. Patented in 1867 by William Lincoln was the first machine in the United States that showed animated pictures or movies. This machine was called the “Zoopraxiscope.” With this machine, moving drawings or photographs were watched through a small slit in the camera. You can imagine how far off the “Zoopraxiscope” was from the modern motion picture camera. Though, feature films, like the ones we see today in local movie theaters, weren’t introduced until around the year 1910.

Before there was sound in film, actors had to rely on pantomime and quirky movements to properly display their character. This period of film was known as the Silent Film Era, which started in the 1910’s. One man who had a huge part in the development of this era was Charlie Chaplin, a talented British director and comedic actor. Without sound in film, you can imagine how much of an effort was put into showcasing a films characters and storyline. Chaplin was the master of this during the Silent Film Era. One of Chaplin’s well-known classics was a silent film he directed and starred in called The Tramp (1915). In this film, Chaplin’s character is an “unexpected hero when he saves the farmer’s daughter from a gang of robbers.” This was all done without any sound except for a piano accompaniment that would be played in the theater while the film was being shown. Many of Chaplin’s movie themes were ‘troubled boy who saves the day.’

If we fast-forward to near present-day, after sound was introduced in film, we can see how much easier...
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