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Film Viewer Paper

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Film View Opinion

Film View Opinion
When I decide what movies to watch it depends on my mood, subject, and style. First, it really depends on what kind of mood I am in, do I feel like watching a comedy, drama, or action film. If I do not feel like watching a particular type of movie, chances are that I be disinterested and will not finish the film. Second, would be what the films story or subject is. I choose films that stories are based on history, like Saving Private Ryan. If a movie is not a subject that I like, probably not going to watch it. For example, Transformers or Star Trek movies are films that I would not choose to watch their stories just do not perk an interest. Also, the style of movie plays a big part when I select a movie. Typically I will not watch a horror or gore movie, they just do not interest me. Furthermore, I do watch love stories unless my wife picks the movie and asks me to watch it with her. However, I did enjoy the last such film she picked, Crazy Heart. I do like Jeff Bridges. Third, would be who is acting in the film. There are some films that I do not care what type of movie or the subject if it is an actor I like, I will watch it. For example, if it has Al Pacino I will watch the film. What I think makes films enjoyable is a good story line. A good story can hook me into a film even if it starts out slow. I like good special effects in action films. In a comedy it has to be funny, or they are just boring to me. I really enjoy some of the comedies from the 80’s like Caddy Shack and Fletch. Good camera work also makes a film enjoyable. What makes a film unenjoyable to me is the camera work. I can’t watch some of the newer films where the camera is bouncing all over. It makes the film tougher to see and gives me a head ache. Films that are overly loud make them unenjoyable for me. Always having to turn the volume up and down is kind of pet peeve of mine. Can’t hear the film when the actors are talking and when there is...

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