Film Treatment

Topics: Graduation, Academic dress, High school Pages: 4 (1464 words) Published: November 26, 2012
My Super


Directed By Chassity Gibson

A Biography of the Film Maker:

Chassity Gibson: Student, Writer, Director, Co-Producer

Chassity Gibson is a Producer/Director of reality TV, commercials, music videos, and promotional films for networks and clients nationally throughout the US. Her first feature documentary, “the life of a young single mother”, an inspiration from her mother, was an award winning production. Aside from her film work, Gibson has written scripts for plays premiering at major theaters found in Las Vegas, and NYC. Born in Rochester, NY and a graduate of SUNY University at Buffalo, she currently lives in Fort Worth Dallas with her newlywed husband, Edsel. Filmmaking was never Gibson’s dream as a child or growing up. In fact, the road she was looking more towards her first year at UB was engineering. Going into her sophomore year though, she enrolled in her first film class, Basic Video (DMS 103), and apparently she had found her niche. Currently at the age of 36 Chassity Gibson has 3 award winning pieces along with a great family supporting her throughout the adventure it has been. Having two twin boys, Gibson is very devoted to her family time outside of work. This being something new to “try-out” Gibson says, “is very stressful but I’m going to make sure I make it all worth it”.

“Win Or Lose”. Biggest Graduation Party in NYS

Log Line:
Two UB graduate best friends, Candice & Jasmine, Plan for the biggest Graduation party buffalo, NY had ever seen.

“My Super Graduation Party” is similar to the MTV reality TV show “My Super Sweet 16” minus the bratty, spoiled, teens that always seem to have their way through their pushover parents. In this series, instead, we find mature, independent, UB students preparing for life after college by setting it off with a huge celebration for all their accomplishments. Getting to know the stars of this show becomes quite easy through...
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