Film Trailer Comparison: Casino Royale and Mission Impossible II

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Film Trailer Comparison

The use of trailers to advertise films has developed into an art almost separate from that of making the film itself and in some cases, specialist directors are hired specifically for the trailers. Such attention is being paid towards the making of trailers due to its pivotal role in boosting the profits of the film, but factors such as cost considerations limit its content and duration. Thus, trailers must be concise and incorporate a variety of effective film techniques to provide a hyper-sensory viewing experience for the audience. The intent is to entice them without revealing too much of the plot and to ultimately persuade them to view the film. The trailers for the popular films Casino Royale and Mission: Impossible II are comparable as they employ various similar and different techniques to attract their intended audiences.

Casino Royale (2006) and Mission: Impossible II (2000) are films in the respective spy franchises James Bond and Mission: Impossible. Being spy films, they both encompass male secret agents being assigned dangerous tasks. However in the trailer of Mission: Impossible II, sequences of action show little information about the actual complication, while in the trailer of Casino Royale, it is clear that secret agent James Bond’s ultimate goal is to defeat a terrorist financier in a high stakes game of poker. Spy films are popular in our society as they offer a combination of exciting escapism and technological thrills, with clearly delineated heroes for the audience to support.

Trailers are shown in cinemas or on television but they are also widely viewed over the Internet, making it important for trailers to appeal to a wider audience. The trailer of Casino Royale incorporates various elements that allows it to be directed towards different audiences. It includes fast paced action shots with impressive physical stunts and highlights the contrasting ‘good guy’, James Bond, battling the ‘bad guy’, Le...
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