Film Study of the Blind Side

Topics: Michael Oher, The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, The Blind Side Pages: 5 (1987 words) Published: May 4, 2011
Peter Shelton

Film Case Study of The Blind Side

The Blind Side was based on the life of Michael Oher a teenage African American boy whose mother was battling drug and alcohol addictions, in the projects of Memphis Tennessee. Mike as he is know in the movie was in foster care several times and always ran away to his Mother, thinking that no one could ever love him the way his Mother could, even with her ongoing addiction. Mike often slept at his fathers friends home, but even he could not give Mike the support that he desired. He would wash his clothes in the sink at the local laundry mat, and often had to steal food from the local gas station just to survive. When his only caregiver whose couch Michael slept on every night took his own son to a private Christian school to try and get him scholarship to play basketball, the coach of the basketball and football team saw Michael playing and offered to try to get him a scholarship as well. Much to the dismay of the board Coach Cotton was able to convince them to accept Mike on scholarship. In his first few weeks of attendance at Wingate Christian School Mike walked and took the bus too and from school, until Thanksgiving night a family driving home from a school play saw Mike walking home in the rain with no coat. This would be a major turning point for Michael’s feelings of never being wanted or loved. The Tuohys an upper class white family saw Michael walking and Leigh Ann demanded that her husband Sean pull the car over so she could go and talk to him. Over the next several weeks the Tuohy family offered Mike a place to sleep, new and clean clothes, and a family that cared for him the way a family should. The Tuohys had 2 other children S.J an adolescent boy with a love of football and Lily also know as Collins. When friends of the Tuohys found out that Michael was living with them they were so closed-minded that they said they were worried about Collins well being and safety. Leigh Anne then wanted Michael to become a permanent member of their family and obtained legal guardianship of Michael. It wasn’t until then that she learned of Michael’s poor grades and family situation. As they got to know Michael more and more they saw his potential and helped him make the football team, S.J was a key role, teaching Michael the ins and outs of everything football. In his senior year Michaels greatness attracted the likeness of several different college football teams who wanted to offer Michael full football scholarships. They then realized that Michael had to get his GPA up in order to be able to attend college. The Tuohys then hired a private tutor Miss. Sue who shared a love for Ole Miss football just as big as their own. Miss. Sue helped Michael realize that he had potential for being great. During the courting between football teams, Michael had decided that he wanted to play for Ole Miss just as his adopted father had. Michael would graduate and then become involved with the NCAA investigation, where the NCAA would question his reasoning to attend Ole Miss because of donations that were given by the Tuohys over the years. In the end Michael and Miss Sue would both be attending Ole Miss, Miss. Sue as his own personal tutor. Michael Oher would then go on to be drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the draft.

The film The Blind Side was both based on a true story, and also a book that was written by Michael Lewis in 2006. The movie was released in 2009 and quickly became a hit and an inspiration to foster children around the country. According to Michael Oher, the movie was not completely as it happened, for example S.J didn’t have to teach him the ins and outs of football, he knew everything about football before he came to live with the Tuohys. But for the most part the movie was accurate over all.

In one scene Leigh Anne was having lunch with her friends at a high-end restaurant, her friends questioned her reasoning for...
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