Film Studies Reflective Analysis

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Reflective analysis

For my coursework, I created a storyboard of a short supernatural thriller film. The narrative of my film consists of a boy who is at home alone and he is watching television then he gets up and walks out of the room and sees a ghost, he then runs away from the ghost but it follows him and it is not clear what happens to him in the end.

The main micro-features I was focusing on are Cinematography and mise-en-scene. I used cinematography throughout my piece of work, in the first cell I used an establishing shot to show the audience the setting of the diegesis, which is a normal suburban street, It also shows the time of day and whether anyone is home. I also used the cinematography to my advantage in cell 6 and cell 9 where I used a low-angle tilt; this conveys the impression that the ghost has the most power in that particular scene. I also used a high-angle tilt in cell 11 to show that it was from the ghost’s point of view and to show that the ghost is above the boy and again shows that she is more powerful. A Dutch Cant in cells 7, 8 1nd 13 show the fear that the boy is feeling while being chased by the ghost and the commotion that the ghost is causing to his everyday life. In cells 3 and 4, I would use a reverse tracking shot that will follow the boy as he walks out of the room so that we can see his face and how calm and normal he looks, this will give a sense that the diegesis is normal at this point. In cells 7, 8 and 10 I would use a forward tracking shot following the bay as he runs away to give the sense of the boy being chased and this part would be filmed using a handheld camera to make the frame shake which will convey a sense of danger and fear. I used a close up shot of the boy in cell 13 to show the ghosts hand on the boy’s shoulder, we do not see his face which gives a sense of mystery and as the shot suddenly goes to black, we know that the boy has been captured but we do not know what will happen to him.

I also used...
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