Film Shots

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This is a close up shot that shows the Mayor Bob. This shot is important to the idea of change in Pleasantville, which people are afraid of. This shot shows Bob in the courtroom and we can only see his face because he’s looking in the mirror that Bud is showing him and he has just changed from black and white into colour, we can tell by his facial expressions that Bob is shocked and angry. The background is in black and white, which contrasts with the Mayor in colour, this shows that anyone is able to change and once you have changed you can’t change back. There is no music heard during this shot

The lighting in this shot is dull and dark, this is because Bob is angry


This is a establishing shot that shows Bud and Bill and the people of Pleasantville in the courtroom. It is important because it shows who is afraid of change and who isn’t. Bud and Bill are seated at the table in the middle of the courtroom, both of them are in colour and this shows they are accepting change and know that its not always a bad thing. The people behind them in black and white, including Buds Dad, Geroge; these people have not changed and are afraid to change. The people on the upper floor are in colour, this includes Buds mum and sister, these people know about change and are accepting of the idea. This shot is when the Mayor is telling everyone what Bud and Bill have done to break the ‘rules’. The Mayor is trying to inform the community that the coloured paintings they have done are ‘bad’ and should never happen again. The lighting in this shot is dim

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ This is a mid shot of Mary-Sue in colour, laughing/smiling when she’s in the courtroom and is important as it shows that Mary-Sue has changed and you can see that she knows it’s a good thing. Mary-Sue is in the middle of the shot with...
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