Film Review: Witness

Topics: Amish, Witness, Police Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Badria Sulaiman2012
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Film Review: Witness
Main Characters:
- John book (Ford Harrison): An undercovered police officer, the main character.
- Samuel (Lukas Haas): a young Amish boy, the murder's only wittiness.
- Rachel (Kelly McGillis): A widow Amish lady, the mother of Samuel.
- McFee (Danny Glover): The murderer
Film Plot: This is a story of an Amish widow lady who traveled with her boy Samuel by train to Philadelphia for the first time. While in the bathroom, Samuel witnessed an aggressive murder of a guy by two guys. It came later that this murder was against a police man. Samuel was the sole wittiness, and the murder's investigations were assigned to John Book. Short after, Samuel, the material witness, was able to identify the murderer who was McFee, a police officer who was involved with his friends on dirty corruptions and drug dealing.

Furthermore, McFee was in shooting scenes with John after he learnt that John has informed their boss about the murder. John was injured during the shooting. As a result, John traveled with Rachel and Samuel to hide in the Amish country, to keep them away, and to make sure they are safe until the trail. After that, the police was trying to find Book and they knew he was hidden in the Amish country, but couldn't find his place as Amish don't use technology like phones. They tried to ask Book's friend but he didn't guide them to anywhere, although he had some contacts with Book.

Later on, while with Amish and with the care of Rachel, Book was able to recover from his injuries. He has to live like Amish and has helped them building a ban. He dressed like them and tried to be like them. Amish life is simple and away from any modern technology. Amish women have their austere (plain) dresses and small covers to their heads. Men's dresses are unique to Amish, too. Amish men have beards. Amish people call others who are not Amish English; So...
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