Film Review on Our Family Wedding

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  • Published : November 19, 2010
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This Comedy tells the story of two families, one African American and the other Mexican-American, that are forced to combine when Lucia (Ferrera) and Marcus (Gross) announce their engagement. Lucia and Marcus have been secretly living together and having premarital sex unbenouced to Lucia’s family who are Mexican American. Lucia has dropped out of Columbia Law School and is planning to move away with Marcus to the country Lous so he can practice with Doctors without Borders once they are married . Lucia plans on introducing her fiance to her family and letting them in ontheir plans. It’s a bold move especially for Lucia not only because Marcus is from a different background but her family doesn’t know about him. The meeting between families is aggrevated by the fact that both Lucia’s and Marcus’s father (Forest Whitaker) previously met during a altercation when Lucia’s father (Calos Mencia) was trying to tow Marcus’s father’s car. The two exhanged racial comments towards each other and left the altercation enemies. The rest of the movie depicts the struggle between both families in planning the wedding and the stress it puts on the engaged couple. The film explores racism and bias as it relates to interracial marriage. Both the Mexian American family and African American family were biased against each other. Sterotypical jokes were thrown from both families. Lucia father made jokes about the Marcus’s father having bad credit and Marcus’s father made a comment about not leaving his car with “you people”. Athought the jokes were forms of microagressions towards each culture they were actually funny. The movie being a comedy was more comical than insulting. There were a few points in the movies that were disappointing to me were racism could have been really addressed and brought out into the open but wasn’t. At one point in the film Lucia father states that Marcus is not good enough for her and he says “ look at him.” Lucia tries to defend him and her...
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