Film Review of Working Girl

Topics: Cosmetics, Gender, Middle class Pages: 2 (931 words) Published: March 18, 2013
50 Shades of Her
From hundreds of years ago and up to the contemporary times, clothing has been used as a tool to help identify people among different classes. The authenticity of what one truly is can never be proven as masking or self-making happens every day, everywhere and almost automatically. What one wears naturally becomes who one is. Since it is almost impossible to differentiate who one is as an individual from what one wears, it is very easy for one to manipulate who one wants to become just by changing one’s appearances. Just like in the film, Working Girl, Tess takes advantage of Katharine, her boss’s apartment and closet, to make Jack believe her capabilities in business in order for her to get what she wants. The benefits of dress is that one can use it to reveal, hide, and enhance one’s self to let other see what one wants others to see. It can be used as a tool to hide who one is in order to achieve a desire goal. However, a problem with this is that what one decides to wear may not necessarily mean what they genuinely are. As clothing is seen as concealing the self, it can be looked as a deceitful mask that covers one’s self. It is looked upon as a negative trait as somebody’s authentic being is being buried. This is seen in Tess raiding Katherine’s wardrobe in order to present herself in a manner that she believes others in the business class will accept her in. Her beliefs of being ashamed that by revealing that she is a secretary along with her lower middle class image of big poufy hair and dull clothing is unfortunately true in the movie. She decided that in order to convince Jack to be in business with her, she must create this image of a career woman to convince him that she is worthy. By doing so, she is in a process of self-making an ideal self through masking. Through this, it can be said that masquerade of the self is seen as a negative trait because one must conceal who they are to get what they want. In addition, Tess is...
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