Film Review of John Q

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Film Review: John Q
Current Issues in Behavioral Health

John Q is a film that addresses the highly controversial topic of health care; maximizing its focus on whether or not the quality of life is truly impacted by the quality of health care. Although this film was first released in 2002, the issue of quality health care seems to be more prominent today that it ever previously was. With the new health care system pending implementation, many individuals in today’s society wonder whether or not they will receive the health care they require. If so, will the health coverage they receive be enough to sustain a sufficient quality of living.

The film John Q follows the story of the protagonist, John Q. Archibald in his fight against the health care system; mirroring the current health care crisis seen today. John Q. is a factory worker who is currently facing financial difficulty due to his cut back at work. When John’s son collapsed during a baseball game and was taken to the hospital, John and his wife, Denise, find out that their son is actually in need of an emergency heart transplant; a very costly procedure.

Although the family has health insurance, they are informed by the hospital that their health insurance would not cover their son’s surgery because the procedure is too expensive. John Q. went on a mission to raise the money for his son’s necessary surgery, which he unfortunately was not able to do. However, John Q. did persuade the hospital’s cardiac surgeon Dr. Turner to waive the fee of the surgery. Even with the waived fee, the cost of the other medical bills, that insurance also did not cover, was far too much for the family to deal with.

Running out of options, John Q. decides to take matters into his own hands and holds the staff and patients of the hospital’s emergency room hostage until someone will help his son. In the process John gained immense media coverage because of the length is was willing to go to help his son. All the while,...
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