Film Review of Apocalypto

Topics: Maya civilization, Mesoamerica, Guatemala Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: November 29, 2012
1. Make a film review of the film focusing on the major aspects of Maya culture: a) Major characters in the film:
* Jaguar Paw- son of Flint Sky
* Flint Sky- leader of the village
* Seven- wife of Jaguar Paw
* Turtles Run- little son of Jaguar Paw
* Zero Wolf- leader of the Mayan tribe who ravaged the village of Jaguar Paw * Middle Eye- son of Zero Wolf, he is almost killed by Jaguar Paw

b) Aspects of Maya culture
-Mayans practice human sacrifice for their gods to hear their prayers. Mayans capture other royalties from other tribes for them to sacrifice. The high priests cut the breasts of the captives to get the beating heart before beheading them. They offer the beating heart to their gods. The Mayans also practice slavery. c) Factors that brought the downfall of Mayan civilization. -The first possibility that brought the downfall of the civilization is drought, due to lack of water; they cannot plant crops including their main crop, the maize. The second possibility is that rulers felt that their power is failing so they offer more and more human sacrifices to the point that they get captives from their own tribe.

2. Try to explain the following:
a) The opening quote at the start of the film:
“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within” ---W. Durant -For me, the quote states that a great civilization or tribe can only be conquered if people from within will destroy it. People that are settling in that certain tribe will always be the one who can destroy a prosperous tribe because they know what is the strength and the weakness of their place. b) The message relayed/conveyed by the arrival of Spanish ships in the end of the film. -I think Spanish conquistadors will use the “spread of Christianity” because they carry a cross. They will befriend the Mayans and they will let them be treated by them as their friends.
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