Film Review: Ma Vie En Rose

Topics: Debut albums, Family, Transgender Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: November 15, 2011
Shan’e Roundtree
November 14, 2011

The movie “Ma VIE EN ROSE” deals with an aspect of transgender through the eyes and family of a transgendered child by the name of Ludovic. To Ludovic, it's natural to want to be a girl. He looks up to the Barbie-like children's television character which is known as Pam. He dreams of one day being a princess just like her and marrying his best friend Jerome. ("We walk down the aisle, I look gorgeous...") He knows for sure one day he'll grow up to be a girl. Even when there is a lot of confrontational confusion and hostility between his parents in front of him and physical violence, he remains steadfast. She finally tries to explain whether Ludo is a boy or girl from what she learned in her biology class: girls have XX and boys have XY chromosomes. "But doesn't God decide?," Ludo asks. "Yes," his sister tells him. At last Ludovic happily has an explanation. He's a girlboy, a "scientific error". Someday he'll get his X back and be the girl he was meant to be. To his father Pierre, his son's cross dressing is a joke to him at first when Ludovic appears at a party in his older sister's pink princess dress. The response that Pierre gave was a stereotypical father because behind closed door Pierre would warn Ludo not to let it happen again. He also got upset at his wife for not trying to change him. To his mother Hanna, at first look at it as a phase. "You're seven, too old to dress up like a girl", she comfortingly tells him. She's at first tolerant of Ludo’s behavior. But her patience soon wears thin when she starts to verbally abuse him. Only his grandmother Elisabeth seems really be sympathetic. She gives the family great advice when she states "Don't overreact like those idiots....Girl or boy, above all, he's your child". The rest of society is much less compassionate. Schoolmates snicker "He plays with dollies", and in a locker room confrontation, beat him up. Sophie is another little girl who has a crush...
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