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Topics: V for Vendetta, Wachowski brothers, Alan Moore Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: February 13, 2013
V for Vendetta Proposal
For my final research paper I plan to analyze the film V for Vendetta written by the Wachowski Brothers and directed by James McTeigue. This film is based off of the like-named comic book series written by Alan Moore and David Lloyd in the 1980’s set in a dystopian, near future, United Kingdom in which a masked revolutionary known as “V” works to destroy the Norsefire political regime by inciting the people of Britain to rise up and take back their country. In my paper I will examine the ideas of the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini regarding the ideals of the true fascist state and compare and contrast these with the Norsefire party of V for Vendetta. From these comparisons I will ask questions such as: when is a government’s control too much? When does the divergence between defending the state and the people begin? Within these single-party regimes, when does the primary concern shift from the pursuit of progress to the pursuit of control, if that concern even existed in the first place? And at what point do the people have the right or even a duty to affect change within their country? Within these questions I will use the theories of such figures as Locke and Rousseau regarding ideas of the state and control to help draw some conclusions from the movie. These questions are relevant to this course because they bring up some of the issues that are essential to politics such as the creation of an ideal government and the ability or right of that government to control its people as well as the people’s right to resist that control if it becomes too restraining or tyrannical.
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