Film Piracy

Topics: Copyright infringement, Film, Theft Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: August 6, 2012
Film and Music piracy by definition is the illegal copying of movies and music videos for personal or commercial use. This is a new epidemic that is effecting the film industry financially on a global level. What are the necessary steps that can be taken on behalf of the film and music industry that can stop this illegal practice from occurring? Once you walk down the city streets like Petaling Street, you can easily find vendors selling their bootleg DVD copies of new released movies for half price of a movie ticket. Movie companies are the ones suffering the most from this illegal practice. This essay takes a look at the different organizations, such as MPAM (Motion Picture Association of Malaysia) and its international counterpart, MPA (Motion Picture Association) are doing to combat this illegal practice.

Researches show that this is not entirely true in the case of record sales. They have stated that internet music piracy is not responsible for declining CD sales. Felix Oberholzer-Gee at Harvard Business School and Koleman Strumpf at the University of North Carolina monitored 680 albums which were chosen from a wide range of genres, which was downloaded over two weeks in the second half of 2002. They used computer programs to automatically monitor downloads and compare the data to changes in the album sales over the same time period. The most heavily downloaded songs showed no decrease in CD sales as a result of its increased downloads, but albums seemed to sell better when downloaded more heavily.

This may not be very important to many citizens. However, movie piracy is still wrong. It does not matter if the movie is copied and sold in high quantity or if it is copied from a friend for personal use. There are laws that confirm how copying movies without proper authorization is illegal. Those who copy and sell movies without proper licensing areperforming an illegal act. Those who purchase pirated movies are contributing to illegal activity....
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