Film Form

Topics: The Wizard of Oz, Land of Oz, Emotion Pages: 4 (1119 words) Published: October 6, 2011
Week 2 Film: The Wizard of Oz
FORM: is the sum of all parts of the film, unified and given shape by patterns such as repetition and variation, story lines and character traits. -Film is not the product of a random collection of technical devices, but rather, it is a system

-Artworks involve us by engaging our senses, feelings and mind in a process. -The artwork cues the spectator to perform a specific activity. Example: A poem’s words may guide us to imagine a scene, to notice a break in rhythm or to expect a rhyme -Like all artworks, film is not simply a random batch of elements, film has a form. -Film form is the overall system of relations that we can perceive among the elements in the whole film. •

Form as System
-Cues are not random; they are organized into systems and in any systems, a group of elements affects one another -The artwork and the person experiencing it depend on one another. -Narrative Elements: These constitute the films story, we can link and compare narrative elements •Wizard of Oz: We see the tornado causing dorothy’s trip to Kansas, we also can identify the characters in Oz as similar to those in Kansas -Stylistic Elements: I.E. the way the camera moves, the patterns of colour in the frame and the use of music. •Wizard of Oz: We can recognize the “we’re off to see the Wizard” tune whenever Dorothy picks up a new companion. -We attribute unity to the film by positing 2 organization principals, a narrative one and a stylistic one, within the larger system of the film -The narrative development can be linked to the stylistic patterning •Colours identify prominent land marks such as Kansas: in black and white and the Yellow Brick Road; Movements of the camera call our attention to story action; and the music serves to describe certain characters and situations.

Form V Content
-People sometimes think that form is the opposite of content, we don’t accept this assumption (refer to...
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