Film Essay on Entre Nos

Topics: Immigration to the United States, United States, Immigration Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Mini-Cannes film festival
Entre Nos
For one moment think of yourself as a immigrate coming into the United States illegally. Imagine being happy to be in a free country, but aware and scared knowing that you can be sent back home. Marianna and her family may have come to the U.S illegally, but this family has gone through what many Americans go through. About forty percent of American families are in a fatherless home. Just like many of the families here Marianna was left to care for her two children all alone. With being an immigrant family with no one to help, it gets hard. When the kids got hurt Marianna had to tend to their wounds, because she could not take them to a hospital without people finding out that they are illegal immigrants. What was the hardest for Marianna and her kids was money and when money is a struggle so is shelter and food. With Marianna not being familiar with how getting a job works in America she ends up trying to sell her empanadas. It was hard for her to sell them because she could not speak English and not knowing that selling food on the streets is kind of iffy here in America. Marianna seemed to handle things well. Not knowing what is going to happen, or if they are safe must have been hard on her. She took it a day at a time. What seemed to be the worst part is that she found out that she is pregnant. So of course she is going to freak not knowing how to handle a baby in the situation she is in.

In the end everything ends up alright. Her son starts going to school. She has a steady job. Things start to fall into place for Marianna. So you might say it’s the perfect story of struggle in America, with a happy ending.
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