Film Argument: Do the Right Thing

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Film Argument: Do The Right Thing
Spike Lee effectively brings awareness to tension among racial groups. Racism and police brutality are two of the main points focused on in Do The Right Thing. Lee promotes pride in one's race and above all interracial tolerance. This movie stirred up a lot of controversy but also made Americans think about where we stood as a nation. Racism was and still is very prominent but it has been less discussed. The movie stirred up emotions and displayed views that did and still do exist among races today. According to Corliss, “Not since the Black Panthers...has there been such a virulent outbreak of radical chic”(62)

Do The Right Thing is accurate non-biased depiction of society as a whole in the 80's. According to Crouch, the film has a “fascist aesthetic” (74) . Fascists are defined as having a radical nationalist ideology which Lee does don’t display. He does however display the ills of a racist community. By depicting each race as being racist and having a flawed way of thinking, he does not necessarily put one race in the position of being right. What he does do is show inter-ethnic hostility from a black New Yorker which is the side he is naturally familiar with. Lee succeeds in his attempt to be the voice of the black community. The use of violence is necessary in getting the point of racial tension across. A worst case scenario is implemented to effectively show how if not addressed, the issue of racism could become worse and ultimately lead to our demise as a country. The character Radio Raheem was killed by the police during a riot that involved all members of the community. Radio Raheem represents the black community in the struggle against the government. The police officer choked him with a guard stick which symbolizes how black people were lynched when there was no legislation preventing or punishing racial discrimination. His death was caused by resisting submission to a more powerful force rather it be the...
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