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Topics: Animation, Film, Stop motion Pages: 10 (2702 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Bringing Drawing to Life: Animated Filmmaking
I. Introduction
A. Definition of Animation Filmmaking
B. Types/Forms of Animation Filmmaking
II. Discussion
C. History
1. Local
D. Production
1. Pre-production
a. Storyboarding
b. Layouts
c. Model sheets
d. Animatic
2. Production
a. Layout
b. Modeling
c. Texturing
d. Lightning
e. Rigging
f. Animation
3. Post-production
a. Composing
b. Sound editing
c. Video editing
E. Problems
1. Financial
2. Time consuming
III. Conclusion

This paper aims to know more about the animated film makings. It tackles about how the animated film making develop, the early history, production and problems. This paper seeks to study more closely animated filmmaking in 1990’s to the present such as History, Production and Problems. The production of animated films is typically referred as a cartoon. Animated film making is more on the 2D and 3D animation that can be used in Adobe Flash Professional and other software that can be done in doing animation. The production is very broad and we enumerate the kinds of production so that the reader shall understand the kinds. By analyzing the information about Animated Film making, it is clear that animated film making is popular because people rush just to watch it. When it come to the time consuming it takes more than a year to finish just one animation movie or series and also the expenses is more than a million because of the material used for the production.

Keywords: Animated; Film making ; Production; Expenses; Time-Consuming

Animated Films comes from individual drawings. Painting of illustration being photographed frame by frame. From each frames slightly different from the first frame and continues it and making illusion of movement by the frames being projected by per second. The earliest cinema animation made by frame by frame, hand drawn images. It combined with the movement by the illustration by two- dimension static art. Animation are not a strictly- defined genre category. It a film techniques, but the call often contain genre- like element because animation contains fairy tales, and stop motion film often appeal to children or also called as “Children’s Entertainment”.

This paper seeks to study more closely animated filmmaking in 1990’s to the present such as History, Production and Problems. Specifically, the paper seeks to answer the following questions. 1. What is Animated Filmmaking and how popular is this art form? 2. How did animated filmmaking develop? 3. How do filmmakers produce animated films? 4.What are the problems in animated filmmaking?

Animated Films at Local
Michael Kho Lim am executive director of the animation of the Philippines Inc. measure in the billions. During the phone interview, according to Lim (2013) , in 2011 alone in the Philippines animation industry drew in a total gross of $128 million (Php 5.3 billion). He quoted "that was generated by around by around 8,000 animation professionals, not just animators." He explained that the volumes of the gross came from animators studios and production agencies producing outsourced material for clients in United States, Japan and Canada. From these foreign clients, in the material for their own feature film live and animated and advertisements.

According to Lim in2012 he is optimistic that the 2011 numbers could matched. Lim stressed that the local movie Industry and the local viewing public need to step up their supprot for local animators and animated films. When "Dayo" and "RPG: Metanoia " participated in the 2010 Metro Manila film festival, it didn't perform so well at the box office. When Walt Disney and Pixar come out with animated features people rust just to watch them.

RPG: Metanonia cost filmmaker Php 100 million, but box offices registered only Php 8-15 million in ticket...
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